Idiot(s) of the week

This week, it is a shared award for two morons who decided to share whatever they were smoking – Eric Abetz and (the usually great) Sophie Mirabella.

First though is a quiz. Tell me who I am referring to:

  • came to power in a military coup;
  • mingle with such luminaries of the free world as Idi Amin (a tyrant that killed up to 500 000 of his people), Jean-Bedel Bokassa (a child murderer) and Charles Taylor (indicted for crimes against humanity);
  • sent out hit squads to kill at least 25 dissidents living abroad;
  • supported terrorist organisations like the IRA, ETA and the PLO;
  • and, most recently, has turned aircraft and heavy weapons onto peaceful protests.

If you answered Julia Gillard, you are clearly as stupid as Eric Abetz and Sophie Mirabella. Julia Gillard might be a untrustworthy liar but there is light years between her and Muammar Gaddafi, a cruel, sly and murderous despot. It might be better for Australia if Gillard wasn’t PM but the world would be a better place if Gaddafi was found with a bullet in the back of his head in a ditch in the desert.

Eric Abetz and Sophie Mirabella, you are the idiots of the week.


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