Watching CultureWatch

In the tradition of the pugnacious Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog, I thought I would record my comments to Bill Meuhlenberg’s CultureWatch, especially given that he believes the only place to disagree is on your own blog, and not on his.


In Derelict Leadership, Bill put forward the idea that Obama is trashing the US Constitution by saying the Defence of Marriage Act is unconstitutional but not trying to overturn it. Also, one of the commenters brought up that Obama really isn’t a natural-born US citizen (and thereby illegally the US President):

I’m not entirely convinced that Obama is trashing the US Constitution. I don’t think it is unconstitutional to believe something is wrong but not overturn it. Inconsistent? Yes. Unconstitutional? No.

And Rick, drop that birther nonsense. Obama has released his birth certificate and every lawsuit about this stupidity has been dismissed by the courts, including the US Supreme Court 3 times. To be perfectly honest, if Obama was white, no one would question his status as a naturally born citizen of the US.

In The Word of God lite, Bill discussed The Story, a cut down version of the Bible, containing on 31 chapters of the entire Bible:

I’ve heard of a similar thing called The Story of God, though it might have been a dramatisation of things the Bible thinks as unimportant but the writers thought were.

I think The Story is a case of where Christian culture has been defined by human thinking, when it should actually be defined by God’s view on things. I’m all for good, relevant translations of the Bible and of books that helpfully distill the essence of the teaching of Scripture, but the worst aspect of the The Story is that it is pretending to be the Bible, when it isn’t.

In A Generation of Narcissists, Bill comments on how a recent conference for psychologists, one of whom claimed there is an epidemic of narcissism amongst our current generation:

We are really reaping the consequences of the elevation of humanity in the wider culture during the Enlightenment. These comments from this conference are really 300 years in the making, which is kinda scary.

Like always, the response is to preach the gospel, that cuts down the self-centredness of every generation.

In A Review of Ethics For A Brave New World, Bill positively reviews the aforementioned book:

I have read through The How and Why of Love: An Introduction to evangelical ethics by Michael Hill (published by Matthias Media). It is a top notch book and really lays an excellent biblical framework for ethics: how God is working to establish his kingdom and how we are to fit into it.

In Even The Stones Speak Out, the criticisms of David Starkey, an historian who is also homosexual and an atheist, are recited about the recent decision by the UK High Court to stop a Christian couple from fostering children because of their views on homosexuality:

I guess David Starkey’s comments points the reality that a loss of freedoms for one group means a loss of freedom for everyone.


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