Who needs a state anyway?

Hi, my name is Neville Sadvocate and I am the newest contributor to the Stranger in a Strange World blog.

Many thanks to Lee for extending this invitation to write on his blog. I hope everyone will see my contribution as worthwhile.


I want to begin with something that has always got on my goat. Who needs a state anyway? Australia has been built on the hard work of business owners and workers and yet we are being choked to death by the yoke of government. Government has been a self-sustaining, all-consuming scourge on Western society, managing to wrangle its way into every aspect of our lives. It is a self-serving institution, devoid of principles, and a burden to average Aussies.

Who needs these clowns anyway?

Harvest Terrace is a appropriate address for those blood-suckers in West Perth (and would be an appropriate street name for their partners-in-crime in Canberra), as they harvest the results of the hard work of individuals, draining the life out of the dreams and hopes of all of us. No matter what their stripe, politicians are (in my view) a unneccesary blight on Australia, with the extreme amounts of regulation and taxation they impose on us.

What a better way to celebrate our freedom than abolishing the state altogether? What do they honestly offer us that we cannot provide for ourselves? What mystical powers does the state have that individuals in a free market cannot utilise? The reality is that they don’t!

Who is to say that we as individuals cannot better look after our health, that we need a government to build hospitals for us? Who is to say that governments are by nature better equipped to provide education for our kids, rather than collective community action? Who is to say that we cannot fund a police force or a military to protect our property and ourselves?

We have all accepted the implicit idea that the government has some sort of moral authority that we do not! We have all shirked our responsibility to protect our individual sovereignty, allowing governments to strip us of our rights and our ability to forge the future of our country for ourselves. We have been sucked into the shackles of a system that is by its very nature oppressive and coercive, forcing us to serve their interests.

I say that Australia should forge a new path over this century – not towards independence from England but independence from the costly, inefficient, domineering mits of government.


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