The balance has not been restored

Here is a letter I have written to the ABC regarding the supposed ‘satire’ Restoring the Balance, broadcast on triple j on Sunday nights.

I would like to lodge a complaint to express my disgust at the Restoring the Balance show on triple j. To take a legitimate criticism of the ABC, and triple j in particular, that there is an element of systemic left wing bias and then turn in it into a ‘satire’ of conservatives is insulting to me as a young conservative.

I can put up with the favouritism that the Left gets on triple j, and the tokenistic approach to airing conservative views, but to have a show that lampoons that feeling amongst conservatives is like rubbing salt in the wound. It shows the contempt that triple j management has for conservatives.

If triple j were serious about restoring the balance of commentary on their station, they would either a) have a show where serious and reasonable discussion of issues are had from a conservative point of view; b) change the tone of the show to criticise the substance of conservative views rather than denigrate a stereotype for the benefit of their sniggering buddies; or c) pull the show from the air as it serves no purpose but to insult half the voting population with demeaning, lame jokes.

Restoring the Balance as it stands is a disgrace to the public broadcaster, as no other religious or political group would ever be subject to such treatment (in fact, if a commercial station do such a thing, triple j would be first to condemn them in outrage). It is not ok to think that WASP conservatives are fair game while shielding others from the same sort of vilification.



  1. Please reconcile this with your later post about freedom of speech: You’re free to tune out.

    I think the show is hilarious. And no, I’m not a member of “The Left”.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dude and great question.

    Firstly, whether you’re left-wing or not doesn’t make your comment any less valid.

    Second, the difference between the ABC and everything else is that I am forced to pay for the ABC through my taxes and accordingly, they have a charter that is supposed to keep them unbiased. If they were independently funded, I would choose not to pay for it and tune out but that isn’t the case. Essentially, I am being forced to pay for stuff that I find insulting.

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