Month: September 2011

Christian teenagers and dating: a youth pastor’s dilemma pt 4–the impact on teens and our response

In the final part on my series on teen dating, I look at how dating can impact teens and how someone in youth ministry can helpfully negotiate the situation. For preceding posts: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

What impact can dating have on the lives of Christians?

All of this can have a profound impact on the spiritual lives of Christian teens. By being drawn into a dating relationship, especially when framed as the secular world does, dating can lead to negative outcomes for people whose lives should revolve around their Lord and Saviour.



My position on homosexual marriage

A friend of mine asked me on Facebook about my position on homosexual marriage after I approvingly linked this article by John Stossel. Rather than give him an essay length reply message I thought it might be a bit easier to read it here.




It is a little complicated so please bear with me. I guess I am moving to a position that many of the die-hards within the politically aware conservative Christian community wouldn’t hold, though I share the same basic beliefs, so I have a quite involved answer to the question.

First and foremost, I am a Christian so the Bible is my guide in all things so I would begin by saying that sex and marriage have been designed by God to be experienced within the context of life-long, monogamous heterosexual marriage. Anything outside of this is going against the design God has made within us and society (so homosexuality, de-facto marriage, divorce, etc) so it will always be damaging to people. I personally oppose homosexual marriage, as I do divorce and de-facto marriage, which I have said is much more damaging to marriage than homosexual marriage ever will be in a previous post.