Song of the Day

Song of the Day–28/2/14

This song by Korn is also in the ‘Loving this song right now’ category. Lean, menacing and with an awesome chorus, I think this is Korn when they are at their best. While the guitars and bass don’t have the particular sound from that Life Is Peachy/Freak on a Leash era, I still think this is a great sounding song. I’m definitely gonna have to check out the rest of this album.


Song of the Day – 27/2/14

This excellent pop track by Sky Ferreira is currently getting a good workout on my iPod at the moment. The bass, beats and guitar have a real familiar 80s vibe for me, reminding me of me of the general sound of pop music in my very early years. It certainly is impressive that she injured herself on stage, giving herself a cut that required 60 stitches, but still managed to finish her set.